Company F.P.S. ARCO, Ltd performs all works related to maintenance of concrete structures including small (fair face concrete) repairs and treating of concrete surfaces.

Further off we perform:

- high-pressure washing of concrete surfaces

- treatment of concrete surfaces against chemical corrosion effects

- concrete flooring for chemical plants

- strenghtening of structures

- guniting


For concrete maintenance domestic and imported materials of highest quality are used only.

     For maintenance of concrete structures (particularly for high chimneys, bridge piers, masts and cooling towers) our company F.P.S. ARCO, Ltd uses following technological equipment:

- high-pressure washing of decomposed concrete (equipment SIGMA, URAGA, HAMMELMAN and KRAENZLE for blasting with high-pressure water at as high as 200 to 2 500 bar ,if need be),

- platforms for vertical and horizontal displacement of technology and personnel along the outer or inner face of maintained structure,

- guniting equipment for spraying with filling materials,

- other routine equipment as used by building companies.

Company F.P.S. ARCO, Ltd. is a member of Association for Maintenace of Concrete Structures.

Company F.P.S. ARCO, Ltd. has trained its foremen and granted a certificate for execution of maintenace works to them.

Company F.P.S. ARCO, Ltd. has trained its team of specialist for works in hazardous spots, this team uses special equipment for climbing.

Company F.P.S. ARCO, Ltd executes maintenance in accord with recommendations of the Association for Maintenance of Concrete Structures (SSBK).